Volunteer Committees

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the 2024 Travelers Championship.

We are very excited that you are considering volunteering for the tournament and becoming part of the best volunteers on the PGA TOUR!


  • Please note that all volunteers are required to work a minimum of (3) half-day shifts or (2) full-day shifts depending on the committee.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age by tournament week. Specific age requirements listed within each committee below.
Keep an eye out for these icons throughout the committee descriptions to help determine which committee might be the best for you!

Time Outside in the Elements

Substantial Walking

Manual Labor

Sun (Minimal Shade)

Standing for Long Periods of Time

If you are willing to help in any volunteer role or want to experience volunteering in different areas each day, join the Support Squad! These volunteers are placed among committees that need the most assistance to ensure a successful tournament. Tasks may include assisting gallery control, working in hospitality, helping at gates, to other various tasks. Volunteers report to the Volunteer Villa prior to their shift to get an on-course volunteer assignment. And the great thing is that you do not need to know how to do everything; training will be given with each assignment! Just come prepared to help out wherever is needed with an eager attitude.


Volunteers assigned to this committee will be stationed at Bradley International Airport to greet the PGA TOUR professionals and their families. As the first person greeting the players, volunteers for this position must be friendly, welcoming and helpful. You will become an ambassador of the tournament and the front lines of the players’ experience once they arrive in Connecticut. You may be assisting with luggage in addition to coordinating transportation.  Experience with excellent customer service atmospheres is preferred and a professional appearance and attitude are a must. All volunteers are subject to a background check.

  • Minimum Age for Volunteers: 18 (25 to operate vehicle)

As an amateur caddie volunteer, you will be able to caddie in both events on Monday and Wednesday of tournament week. Previous caddie experience is preferred, but not required. Volunteers must be familiar with the rules of golf, have played golf for at least two years and be able to carry a bag for 18 holes. Due to tee times, volunteers will be asked to arrive early but may not go out on the course until the late morning or early afternoon. This position will work outside all day and volunteers must be prepared for all weather conditions.

  • Minimum Age for Volunteers: 15


As ShotLink transitions into its most recent development (ShotLink 2.0), the LBO role will transition as well. The LBO and Spotter committee will now merge and become one committee – ShotLink Mobile Spotters (SMS). This new committee is essential to ShotLink being able to collect and distribute real time scoring and statistical data.

The Shotlink Mobile Spotters will help locate and flag shots that miss the fairway/green and relay pertinent information to the PGA TOUR Scoring Tech such as penalty situations, obstructed shots, and detailed locations. This new role will help the PGA TOUR deliver real-time distance data and statistics for scoreboards, TV, internet, gaming, and mobile applications.

Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of the game of golf and a commitment to timeliness, accuracy, and attention to detail. All SMS should be physically able to walk around their assigned hole for the duration of their shift in potentially varied weather conditions. Quickly locating shots not in view for the Scoring Tech and Camera System is a key function of this role. Effective teamwork and communication are essential in this role.

Training: Required to complete an online training in advance of tournament week.


  • Work a minimum of two full tournament days (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Basic knowledge of the game of golf, as well as a commitment to timeliness, accuracy, and attention to detail.
  • Must complete ShotLink disclosure form.
  • Are expected to be mobile and walk around the assigned hole to gain accurate insight into ball location at their laser position for the duration of their shift in potentially varied weather conditions.
  • Minimum age of 18 years old


The Walking Scorer role is a prestigious and critical volunteer position that requires mental and physical stamina, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of the game of golf. The Walking Scorer accompanies a group of up to three players in order to keep their score, track specific statistics, and capture real-time data that informs all aspects of the ShotLink system.

Training: must complete a 1- hour online training in advanced of tournament week and an on-course training on Wednesday, June 19.


  • Work at least 3 full days (Wednesday-Sunday)
  • Walking Scorers must have the physical ability to easily keep pace with their group across all 18 holes without a break and in varying weather conditions. For reference 18 holes will vary from 5-6 miles or roughly 10,000 steps.
  • Comfortable using a handheld digital device to record each shot, as well as the voice radio with a headset that allows for constant communication with the ShotLink staff.
  • Minimum age of 18 years old

During tournament week, the primary focus of the distribution volunteers will be on-course distribution of water, ice and other supplies for the players, caddies, media, volunteers and various special events. In addition, the distribution committee will be asked to assist with other duties on the course as needed. Requirements for this committee are the ability to lift 35 lbs. and to have a desire to work hard and have fun. It is your chance to get outside and get your hands dirty for a good cause. Volunteers must be able to multi-task and work at their best in stressful situations. Additional opportunities are available prior to tournament week to help with the set up of the golf course. This position will work outside all day and volunteers must be prepared for all weather conditions.

  • Minimum Age for Volunteers: 18

If you are friendly and love customer service then this is the committee for you!  The Fan Services committee acts as on-course greeters and are enthusiastic resources for tournament information! This committee’s role is to make sure that all guests have a world-class experience. Volunteers are strategically placed in small groups throughout the course in high traffic areas to assist guests with any questions they may have.  Volunteers are provided with a course map and guidebook to direct guests to venues and different areas of interest throughout the course. All volunteers need to bring is a smile and professional and positive attitude. This position will work outside all day and volunteers must be prepared for all weather conditions.


  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Excellent customer service and troubleshooting skills
  • Friendly and outgoing attitude

If you are outgoing and happy to greet strangers, then this is the committee for you!  Volunteers will be stationed at one of entrances to the golf course to greet patrons and scan tickets. Other duties will include working alongside security personnel, providing directions and checking bags for patrons. This position will work outside all day and volunteers must be prepared for all weather conditions.


  • Minimum age of 16 years old
  • Excellent customer service and troubleshooting skills
  • Comfortable with mobile devices and scanners

Gallery Management Ambassadors are given a unique inside and outside the ropes tournament experience. They are responsible for managing gallery noise & traffic. Gallery Management Ambassadors are assigned to the teeing area, fairway and green of a specific hole, or to high traffic areas such as cross walks. This committee is the largest group of volunteers and provides gallery control for the tournament and ensures PGA TOUR player safety and movement around the golf course.


  • Work a minimum of 2 full days (Wednesday-Sunday)
  • Minimum age of 18 years old (16-17 year old’s must be accompanied by an adult)
  • This position will work outside all day and volunteers must be prepared for all weather conditions.

Areas Include:

  • 18th Hole Hospitality Venues:
    • Champions Club
    • Greenside Club
    • Skyboxes
    • Stanley Black & Decker Lounge
    • Suite on 18
  • 17th Green Venues:
    • Skyboxes & Sky Suites
    • Tito’s Stillhouse Lounge
  • 17th Tee Venues:
    • Skyboxes
    • Mohegan Sun Club
    • Hartford HealthCare Sports Zone
  • 9th Hole Hospitality Venues:
    • Casamigos House of Friends

Volunteers on the hospitality committee must be excellent with customer service skills. On this committee, volunteers may be a greeter within a venue to welcome fans or gallery management ambassador to keep the venues quiet for golfers. Volunteers may also assist security to ensure that all fans entering private venues have the proper credentials or assist with taking attendance counts in the open to the public venues. The venues allow for volunteers to watch some golf while being in a fun and energetic environment. As a hospitality volunteer you should expect to be on your feet most of the day. Volunteers are in high demand on the weekend as the volume of fans increases with the final rounds of competition.

  • Minimum Age for Volunteers: 18
  • Volunteers are most needed on: Saturday, June 22 & Sunday, June 23

Mobile ambassadors are responsible for adding another level of gallery management assistance by making sure crowds run smoothly with play. Volunteers are required to be able to walk 18 holes, as they will move along with big groups throughout play to provide the optimal view of play and enjoyment of the competition. This position works outside all day and must be prepared for all weather conditions.


  • Work a minimum of 2 full days (Wednesday-Sunday)
  • At least one year of prior course experience as a previous mobile marshal, hole marshal, walking scorer, or standard bearer
  • Minimum Age of 18 years old (16-17 must be accompanied with an adult)

Volunteers on this committee will be stationed at the practice facility. As PGA TOUR professionals enter the area, volunteers will be responsible for setting up nameplates that identify each player. Knowledge of the players is helpful, but not necessary. Volunteers will also assist the security team with crowd control to ensure that all persons entering the practice facility have the proper credentials for access. Volunteers will also be responsible for maintaining the practice facility so it is neat and orderly at all times. This position will work outside all day and volunteers must be prepared to stand throughout the shift and plan for all different weather conditions.

  • Minimum Age for Volunteers: 18

This team of volunteers drive 6-passenger golf carts around the golf course to pick up and drop off patrons at specific locations on course that may need special assistance. Volunteers on this committee must be comfortable driving a golf cart, watch the PGA TOUR’s golf cart safety video and acknowledge the tournament’s golf cart safety waiver.

  • Minimum age of 18 years old

This committee will provide support for all aspects of the Monday and the Wednesday Celebrity Pro-Ams. Responsibilities may include assembling/distribution of participant gifts, registering amateurs and assisting with Pro-Am evening events as needed. Volunteers will also work closely with the Amateur Caddie Chair. Experience with excellent customer service is preferred and a professional appearance and attitude are a must.

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Required to work both Pro-Am days

Volunteers in this role will follow a group of golfers during their round of play, inside the ropes. No other volunteer job gets you closer to the action. Your primary responsibility will be to show the gallery who is playing in the group and to display their scores by carrying a standard sign presenting the information. A basic understanding of golf scoring and golf etiquette is required, although much of it can be learned during training and from the walking scorer that will accompany you. New volunteers are encouraged to sign up on Wednesday to learn the position prior to the commencement of tournament competition. Volunteers must have the ability to walk 18 holes while carrying a 5-pound sign in various weather conditions. This position will work outside all day and volunteers must be prepared for all conditions.

Volunteers on this committee work to create a premium spectator experience for everyone. As a Ticket Services volunteer you will support ticket purchases on guest mobile devices and educate attendees on how to display their mobile tickets for scanning at the admission gates. Ticket Service volunteers also help the ticketing system representatives troubleshoot ticket issues that arise in the ticket service trailer. Volunteers should be comfortable with operation of mobile phones.

• Work a minimum of three (3) shifts from (Wednesday – Saturday)
• Minimum Age of 18 years old
• Must be able to work with a computer and are comfortable with mobile devices
• Have good communication and people skills
• Enjoys problem solving and guest interaction

Home base for this committee is the Volunteer Villa sponsored by Hartford HealthCare. Help create a memorable and overall excellent volunteer experience for fellow volunteers! Members of this committee will welcome other volunteers to the tournament, manage volunteer check-in, answer volunteer questions, provide direction and assist in keeping the venue’s appearance in a neat order. Flexibility, friendliness and a can-do attitude are the only prerequisites for this committee.

  • Minimum age of 16 years old

If you have any questions, please contact us at volunteers@travelerschampionship.com

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