Virtual Kids Zone

Join in the fun during the Travelers Championship broadcast, June 25 – 28, 2020, with our Virtual Kids Zone!

Games and activities for all ages, including word games, printable PDFs for coloring, spot the difference, special broadcast activities, and more!

Click the tabs below and enjoy!

Be sure to visit our Partner Corner below with special activities from our local Kids Zone friends!

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Looking for some fun activities to do during the Golf Channel and CBS broadcasts? We have Broadcast BINGO, Broadcast I Spy and a Daily Journal! Simply click on the image, print and play!


The entire family can play BINGO this year during the on-air broadcast of the Travelers Championship. Click here for the broadcast schedule.

  • Each BINGO card to the right is different.
  • Print a BINGO card for each person playing.
  • Throughout the Travelers Championship broadcast, listen for the commentators to say the phrases on your BINGO card.
  • When a commentator says a phrase on your card, mark that square.
  • The first to get 5 across, down or diagonal wins!
  • For added fun, come up with your own pattern!

I Spy

What can you find during the Travelers Championship broadcast? Find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet!


How was your day? Print out our daily journal prompts to reflect on your day!

Feeling creative today? Get out your crayons, markers, pencils and paint to enjoy these Dot-to-Dot and Design Your Own coloring activities. Simply click on the image, print and color!
Choose from one of our exciting at-home Scavenger Hunt games below! Whether you’re spending time inside or outdoors, we’ve got you covered. Simply click on the image, print and play!
It’s time to work out your brain with our Travelers Championship-themed Mazes! Simply click on the image, print and play!
Welcome to our Partner Corner with special activities from our local Kids Zone friends! Take a fun play break with the LEGO Group, improve your golf game at home with The First Tee of Connecticut or let your creative juices flow with The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp! Scroll down for all the fun activities our partners have to offer!
Do you have 15 minutes for a fun play break?

Here are 6 fun activities you can do together – and all you need is each other and stuff around your house!

For more fun and games from the LEGO Group, try LEGO® Life. LEGO® Life’s mission is to build the largest creative, kid-safe community in the world. A place where children get inspired, have fun and are empowered to express themselves and their creativity. Visit LEGO® Life for more information!

Ready to learn more about golf and life skills?

Here are a variety of activities, from fill in the blank golf images to core value word games, to get you ready for the golf season!

Each week, The First Tee of Connecticut will be introducing core values, life skills and golf activities that participants can do from the safety of their homes. For more fun and games visit their Programs Virtual Learning page!

Golf Basics

Core Values


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Want to get inspired by The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp?

Here are a variety of activities to play just like a Hole in the Wall Gang Camper! Do arts and crafts, cook as a family or watch some fun and interactive videos.

For more fun and games from The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, visit Camp’s Mission in Motion! Join Camp’s program teams for crafts, games and more as we all experience “a different kind of healing” in different ways. Visit Hole in the Wall Mission in Motion for more information!

Arts & Crafts


Hide & Seek with MooChaCha
Somewhere Beneath the Sea
Watercolor Wonders


Challenge yourself with our Travelers Championship-themed Spot the Difference activities below! Can you find all the variations? Simply click on the image and play!
Choose from any of our Word Search, Crossword Puzzle and Word Scramble games below!  Simply click on the image, print and play!
No Printer? No Problem! Complete the activities digitally or recreate them at home!