Birdies For Charity Registration Form

  • (Please type the nonprofit beneficiary name as you wish it to appear in Travelers Championship publications and signage that may be applicable.)
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  • Agreement Terms

    By submitting this form, I certify that this organization does not discriminate against any person or group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

    By submitting this form, the participating organization and Administrator agrees to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the Birdies for Charity Handbook, including but not limited to:
    Being able to provide a copy of the IRS letter confirming your 501(c)(3) status.

    The nonprofit organization agrees that donors will not be reimbursed in any manner for any or all of their per birdie or flat rate donations.

    All checks must be made payable to the Travelers Championship and must be received with a copy of the invoice.

    All checks must come from the original donor. Checks received from the participating organization or by individuals on behalf of the donor will NOT be accepted without prior authorization from the Travelers Championship.

    Participating organizations and their Administrators will NOT be allowed to submit lists of donor information for processing. All pledges/donationsmust be submitted on pledge forms or within the Birdies for Charity website. Self-pledges (pledges made by a charity and paid by the charity) are prohibited.

    Failure to abide by these rules and regulations will result in disqualification from the Birdies Bonus Bucks.